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Our Goals

Our Goals, are categorized, as short term, midterm and long-term goals, to fulfill and meet our mission, by expanding our database in a periodic manner through structured agenda and analysis, in order to better express our concerns of providing, a pleasant and qualitative Christian matrimonial  site, that is coupled with the interests of protecting, the privacy and security of those Christian singles accessing the site.
Our Objectives

Our vision, mission and goals, have indeed given shape to our objectives, as well as, our technology. A careful eye is maintained on every step towards, the quantitative and qualitative approach on every parameter characterizing our goals, that leads to our mission, which in turn shapes our vision.
Our values

Since its inception, Genesis Matrimony has been governed by its core values. They shape, the culture and define, the character of our company and how we make decisions. Our core values are really the backbone of our objectives, goals, mission and vision. It is really, the factor that enhances our face value in the global Christian community. Faith in God, Integration, devotion, determination, handwork, honesty and trustworthiness are all the core values that characterizes Genesis Matrimony.
Our Promise

Our values,objectives,goals,mission,vision are all foccussed upon one thing, that is to deliver, the Genesis Matrimony Promise , which is nothing but a supreme, qualitative and a right match making solution for the christian singles.


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